Massage Cream | 100% Natural Formulation

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Developed with the London Spine Clinic, the massage cream is proven to relieve aches & pains in targeted areas effectively. For all-day concentrated relief - apply once in the morning & evening.

Massage Cream Benefits

Uniquely Formulated To Soothe Sore Stressed Muscles 

The BACK Massage Relief cream is perfect for soothing aching muscles & ligaments. The unique formulation combines over 10 essential oils and botanical extracts all formulated based upon therapeutic benefits.  


Reduces Swelling, Decreases Pain and Reduces Inflammation Fast!

Within minutes, you will feel the massage cream getting to work on those sore muscles. We are so confident that the cream is effective, if you are not 100% happy we will refund you your money, it's that simple! 


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Customer Reviews

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This Massage Cream is excellent for relieving back pain

Late last year I sprained my lower back where I tried various over the counter creams/gels to help relieve the pain with little success. I was recommended this Massage Cream through Back Pain Help and it works. When you first apply it to the area it feels cold but as it gets to work it heats up to relieve tired, achy and stiff muscles. I would highly recommend this all natural product, it has a pleasant smell and it is easily absorbed and non greasy.

Mr Anthony Stanier
good as it gets

As a help for back or other musel problems its as good or better than any other similarTreatment Inhave used,

Patience Nartey

Massage Cream | 100% Natural Formulation


Doesn't take all my pain away but does help.

B. A. Taylor
Works effectively within minutes

A massage cream that contains Arnica, a known plant substance that relieves aching muscles. The cream is infused with a combination of over 10 essential oils and botanical extracts, like chamomile, lavender, borage, almond, arnica, menthol, tea tree, camphor, nettle and eucalyptus oils, which have long been associated
with massage and therapeutic benefits. Like soothing sore and stressed muscles, decreasing pain and inflammation, while encouraging blood circulation etc.
I’ve been using Arnica creams and milk for some time now, and suggested my 100 year old mother uses it on her aching and swollen feet, to which she has reported some relieve, especially to the bruising and redness on her feet. I also use the milk in the bath, and have a long soak to help reduce muscul ache, I find it really helps.
I have a repetitive strain injury on a muscle at the side of my hand, from weeding block paving, and nothing seems to offer any relief. So I tried this cream as soon as it arrived today; I put it on just after lunch, and I haven’t felt any pain all afternoon, in fact I totally forgot about it until I came to write this review. So this cream will be my new best friend, especially with my arthritic hands and knees. My wife also uses it on her neck, where she has spondylosis, she also has remarked on the effectiveness of this cream. When put on at night, the combination of the chamomile and lavender, helps her drift off to sleep pain free.
The tube came sealed, which is nice to see, and is a creamy consistency, going on as a clear liquid as it hits your warm skin, leaving no sticky residue after you have massaged it into the afflicted muscle or joint.
After using it this afternoon, I’m already happy to recommend it.