Therapy Pad - EMS Muscle Stimulator

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Strengthen, tone and relax muscles easily & effectively! 

The Therapy Pad muscle stimulator uses proven intelligent EMS technology uniquely designed to help relax muscle tension that causes muscle stiffness in the neck, back and any other muscle group. 

Therapy Pad EMS Stimulator

Professional massage wherever you go!

This rechargeable massager delivers low-voltage pulses through the skin to the targeted muscle area, stimulating nerve fibres to effectively block the pain signals to your brain.

The Therapy Pad has been developed in partnership with the London Spine Clinic and uses clinically proven technology to provide safe and effective electrical muscle stimulation. 

Like having your own physio! 

The electric muscle stimulator pad is fantastic for common back issues such as:- 

 Back pain




The muscle stimulator pad is lightweight, easy to use and discreet. The EMS muscle stimulator pad comes with two different sizes of reusable pads designed for different areas of the back.

EMS Muscle Stimulator

The Therapy Pad is designed to be used 'on the go' the portable device relieves those aching muscles powerfully whilst getting on with your everyday tasks! 


People with a pacemaker, defibrillator or other implanted electronic device

Severe cardiac arrhythmia, angina or heart failure

People who are pregnant

Children under 12 years old

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Customer Reviews

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Katharine Lowe
Back Pain Therapy Pad

Love this item. I have a Tens machine which is also fab, but the fact this has no wires is just wonderful and can do the small areas that I need without wires everywhere!

Marc H
Portable & wireless. Really good muscle stimulator!

I've just received my Therapy Pad, I bought it as it was approved by the London Spine Clinic. Comes in a handy store bag and great service all round. Would recommend.

Tanya S
Very Useful

So I haven't used something like this before so I was looking forward to seeing if they actually work.

To start with the item comes in a nice box, so if this were a purchase for a gift it can be wrapped up as it is, its not just a brown box.

The item charges using the new standard USB-C connection, but has some initial charge out of the box, although it's recommended to charge fully before first use.

With my youngest kid sleeping in the same bed as me overnight, I woke up finding myself with major back discomfort due to sleeping in weird positions. I used this straight on my back and it did seem to ease the morning pain.

It's easy to use, especially if you want short bursts to start your day off, that's how I used it.

Wish I knew about this years ago! Great pain relief

I suffer from lower back pain and as soon as I feel any tightness I use this and it helps with pain relief, I haven't had a seriously bad back since owning this item, really easy to use, would highly recomend it.

Dean L
Better than expected

Well this is better than I was expecting, it's actually really well made and works wonders, so far it has worked wonders for my lower back pain, it's easy to use and totally pain-free, you can feel it stimulating, it gets 5 stars from me for working well, very happy with it.