Curble Posture Chair | Spine Lifting Back System

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Improve your posture by encouraging correct spine alignment! 

The Curble Posture Chair provides a new way to improve your sitting posture! The revolutionary back support has been tested and endorsed by the London Spine Clinic on Harley Street. 


Curble Posture Chair

Improve back strength and alleviate back pain easily! 

 Correctly aligns the body and minimises stress on the spine by up to 30%

 Best results can be found using Curble for 30-60 minutes at a time, 1-3 times per day. 

 Natural posture can be improved within the space of two weeks! 



Ergonomic design that actually works! 

The comfortable chair support pulls in the pelvis and exerts pressure on the waist effectively supporting your spine.

Doing so, naturally maintains the correct posture, reducing back pain and fatigue. 

Curble Posture Chair

 Easy to use, portable, ideal for carrying with built-in handle

 Double layered water-resistant fabric provides the ultimate comfort

 Durable backrest can withstand load up to 310lbs/140kg


Curble Posture Chair

Take Curble with you wherever you go! 

The portable posture support can be used everywhere, such as the office, living room, car or even outdoors!

Within seconds, your back is supported leaving you comfortable and worry-free of bad posture! 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    significantly less shoulder pain after only 2 weeks

    I've been working from home since December but have changed chairs twice already. I find the problem for me is my shoulder and working at a desk all day is the worst thing to aggravate the pain. I’ve tried different seats with all the adjustable elements, but nothing has worked as quickly and as easily as this. I have used this on a dinning chair as I had to move my computer to the kitchen and no space for the big officer chair - this has been the most comfortable I have felt. I feel my general posture and seating position are far better and a result I’ve not experienced the shoulder pain. I would recommend to anyone suffering both while working from home or in an office as an addition to your work set up. and its so so easy - just sit down!

    Joe S

    This back support is just what our son needed for posture. Helped with back pain when sitting for prolonged periods too. Highly recommend.

    Arlitz de Guia
    Working really well! Great back support!

    It does what is expected! And eliviates back pain while sitting. Helps correct posture. This is nice.

    Great for back support

    It just fit my back muscles nicely to provide support to my back. Comfortable!

    Sarah L
    Great product for posture and back support

    I’ve been working from home doing repetitive data entry, sitting on a dining chair at my dining room table. Not ideal I know and I’ve recently been getting terrible pain in one of my shoulders and down my arm. This unusual “seat” is lightweight and can be placed on any chair including your sofa. It supports you and stops you from slouching. It is quite comfortable and after a while you forget you are using it. I’d recommend getting the “wider” option unless you are very slim! I’ve not had any shoulder or neck pain since using it.