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Certainly a Hero!

Have used one of these for years and recently purchased a new one to replace my old one which is a little worse for wear and cannot recommend it highly enough. I even told my hair dresser abut it and she is amazed too. So good at reminding us to sit up straight and maintain good posture all day long. Thank you for a remarkable product and glad to see it is still going strong after all these years. All the best.

This brace is light,relatively unobtrusive and very effective. The velcro fastening could be a little longer. Thanks 😊

High quality alternative to ibuprofen

This is an excellent supplement. I cannot take ibuprofen as my stomach doesn't agree with it, these are highly effective with no unwanted side effects.

Hope these do what they say they will!

I have a lot of pain due to inflammation and am hoping that these will help. Ibuprofen doesn't help and upsets my stomach. I haven't started these yet but have taken other supplements containing the same ingredients and I'm hoping these help me in the same way.

Anti-Inflammatory 1675mg (High Strength) Turmeric with Black Pepper & Ginger, 60 capsules

I was keen to try this supplement to help with my general aches and pains, in my knees and back. I have a fish allergy so cannot take the usual joint supplements that are available, this one is vegan so I know it is safe for me to take. Each 1675mg daily serving (2 capsules) contains: 250mg Rose Hip, 450mg Turmeric, 200mg Boswellia, 100mb Citrus Bioflavonoids, 100mg Vitamin C, 100mg Quercetin, 100mg Papain, 80mg Bromelain, 50mg Ginger Root, 5mg Black Pepper. Each bottle contains 60 easy to swallow capsules giving you a 30-day supply, at current selling price this works out at around 67pence per day. The capsules are easy to swallow and do not cause an aftertaste or any stomach upset. As with all supplements it usually takes and month or two to see any real effects.

A good alternative for natural anti-inflammatory

I got this anti-inflammatory because I have a long-standing back problem and I am allergic to ibuprofen. These appealed to me because they are 100% natural ingredients and are approved by the London Spine Clinic.

I have been taking the capsules for a couple of days now and so far all is good with no side effects. The capsules have a strong taste but it doesn't linger in the mouth for too long.

The 60 capsules last for one month. I've not been taking them long enough to notice a difference in my back, but things are looking hopeful.

Therapy pad

This is the 2nd time I have bought replacement pads they are excellent and good value for the money

Great back support

This is an amazing device. It is so easy to put on & instantly my back posture automatically improved. I wear mine either under or over clothing.The straps adjust well to fit. I am really pleased with my purchase. I would definitely recommend this as a good buy. I also have osteoporosis even though I am 56 so it definitely makes me feel more supported & helps me to keep my back straight & not to have a tendency to lean forward which is what can happen as we get older. My back posture is so much better thanks to this product. Thank you for the great design.

Great cushion

This cushion is amazing. As soon as you sit on it your posture is transformed into the correct position. This has improved my posture so much when sitting.I would definitely recommend this as a best buy.

Pleased so far with it, and am building up the time I wear it gradually. It is comfortable to wear and I am hopeful to be standing tall and straight in the future.

Back Pain Therapy Pad

Love this item. I have a Tens machine which is also fab, but the fact this has no wires is just wonderful and can do the small areas that I need without wires everywhere!

Fantastic little posture device

I was recommended to use the Posture Hero when being accessed by Altius Healthcare who have worked with BackPainHelp. The brace really does retract the shoulders back and keeps you more upright with your posture

Really helped with my shoulder injury from playing rugby

I have had a recent shoulder injury from playing rugby at Warrington Wolves. The Posture Hero really helped with my rehabilitation phase and got me back playing quicker than expected.

Good support for the neck

Great support, worn the neck brace for a few days now and it's ideal. Really happy with both product and service

Postured improved within a couple weeks

I tried the posture hero out a few weeks ago to try improve my posture, I noticed my shoulders were slouching slightly so I thought getting a posture support will help. So far, wearing the posture support for an hour a day I really can tell a differenc. It's comfortable and I can't really tell it's on when goin about my daily activity. Would recommend

Great posture support!

Great quality support, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which gave me the confidence to try it out risk free. So far so good! Quick service from the company

Portable & wireless. Really good muscle stimulator!

I've just received my Therapy Pad, I bought it as it was approved by the London Spine Clinic. Comes in a handy store bag and great service all round. Would recommend.

Good replacement pads


Very Useful

So I haven't used something like this before so I was looking forward to seeing if they actually work.

To start with the item comes in a nice box, so if this were a purchase for a gift it can be wrapped up as it is, its not just a brown box.

The item charges using the new standard USB-C connection, but has some initial charge out of the box, although it's recommended to charge fully before first use.

With my youngest kid sleeping in the same bed as me overnight, I woke up finding myself with major back discomfort due to sleeping in weird positions. I used this straight on my back and it did seem to ease the morning pain.

It's easy to use, especially if you want short bursts to start your day off, that's how I used it.

Wish I knew about this years ago! Great pain relief

I suffer from lower back pain and as soon as I feel any tightness I use this and it helps with pain relief, I haven't had a seriously bad back since owning this item, really easy to use, would highly recomend it.

Better than expected

Well this is better than I was expecting, it's actually really well made and works wonders, so far it has worked wonders for my lower back pain, it's easy to use and totally pain-free, you can feel it stimulating, it gets 5 stars from me for working well, very happy with it.

Works well as muscle stimulator


TENS without wire

Having used this in place of my previous TENS machine for the past month, I am a convert to this wireless version. It has proved just as effective as the wired versions and the programs have allowed me to use a different style of treatment each day. I will be using this one going forwards, although it would be nice if replacement pads were available on Amazon as well as through the makers website. This and the higher up front cost compared to wired TENS are the only downsides for me and even then they are minor (an early TENS I had cost nearly double this many years ago).

Massage well

I must admit after using the stimulator on my shoulders and back for a while there’s not so much tension there and not so much back ache
This is very easy to , it has a good battery life and being a rechargeable unit you don’t have to worry about buying batteries
I can recommend this electrical muscle stimulator set as I think it is a good quality product works well and worth the price
I hope you found this review helpful

It seems to work

I’ve suffered with lower back pain for years and have tried many devices and medication with little or no relief. I took a chance on this mini tens-machine and, have to say, it has provided me with substantial relief. For the first time in years I actually get completely pain free days. The problem comes back but the use of this machine provides excellent pain relief. Only minus point is that it needs to be charged up after each half hour session but that’s a small price to pay for the relief it gives.