Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun
Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun

Therapy Gun™ | Portable Mini Massage Gun

  • Helps relax tight muscles and reduce muscle soreness 
  • Effective at delivering a quick hit of relief to the body parts carrying stress ( such as back and shoulders) 
  • Boosts blood circulation and flushes fluids out of the muscle tissue



1-year warranty

We guarantee to support your device for a full 12 months from your purchase date if the item becomes faulty. 

30-day money-back

Try the Therapy Gun for 30 days and see if it's for you. If not, return for a full product refund

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How it works?

Skin Friendly Premium Quality Silicon Heads 

The Therapy Gun comes with 4 different silicon massage heads, more effective for massage and drag less on the skin than other massage head options. The silicon heads are soft, skin-friendly and  most importantly are much more durable! 

Mini Massage Gun That Packs A Punch!

The BACK Therapy Gun uses 2*2000mAh battery. It can be used for up to 8 hours after fully charged. Comes with a Type-C charging cable that only takes 2 hours to fully charge


4 Speeds

From warming up to deep tissue massage, fully customisable speeds to fit your massage needs


Our noise reduction technology in our Massager makes it quieter than most massagers on the market 


Ideal to be used on the go, the lightweight design weighing only 722g means it's easily portable 

Long-Lasting Battery 

8 hours battery life! Using 15 minute cycles, the massager can be used up to a week before needing to recharge 

Soothe, Relax & Massage Effectively

4-speed 1500-3000rpm adjustable vibration speed designed to meet the needs of different groups of people, relieve muscle tension and fascial pain

  • Speed 1 >> Warm Up
  • Speed 2 >> Soothe Tired or Sore Muscles 
  • Speed 3 >> Relax Muscles 
  • Speed 4 >> Deep Massage

Suitable To Be Used In Any Environment! 

The BACK Therapy Gun uses an advanced brushless and non-inductive motor with a very low working noise of 45 decibels, it can be used in any place without disturbing others.

  • Makes less noise than a working fan
  • Provides effective targeted massage quietly! 
  • Advanced noise reduction technology 

Therapy Pad, Guaranteed.

- We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee that begins only when you receive the product!

- We offer Free returns! If you are not 100% with your order, let us know and we will arrange the return.

- For any reason your experience is not positive, please contact and we will do our best to help you out





Real Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Powerful, quiet running and skin friendly

This is a lightweight massage gun that’s incredibly powerful – so don’t be fooled by its size! It provides a smooth experience and has a battery life of up to 8 hours on a full charge. The effect of the massage is more like an intense vibration and different attachments target certain areas.

The massage heads are soft on the skin and don’t irritate – this has happened with another type of massage gun I tried where the heads were covered in foam which also caused itchiness – these are silicon which is much better for me and are easier to clean, especially if using any oils.

The machine runs very quietly – in fact, I barely notice the noise at all. I loved that is prevents you from over massaging an area for too long by automatically going to stand by after 10 minutes – it is so easy to overdo it and cause soreness otherwise, so this is a good intervention!

Serious Bit of Kit... Its Chunky and Quite Heavy, but does the job!

My Stepson plays a LOT of football, and I often see his Mum massaging him after a game. I saw this deep tissue massage and thought it could be just what he needs to ease the tension in his muscles after playing. It is not that big, but it is SOLID and carries a considerable weight considering the size. But I have to say, this little unit carries some PUNCH and is much more powerful than I had expected. It comes with 4 attachments, so read the enclosed guide well, to ensure you use them as intended. Even at £60 I think this is a great bit of kit, and am confident we will get our moneys worth out of it!

This is amazing

I use this for muscle aches after gym days. It's really good and you can feel it working. Is it comfortable? Absolutely not. Does it work? 1 million percent.

Easy instructions and the battery life is fantastic. Very happy with this.

Dan Smith

I have another Therapy Gun, Deep Tissue Muscle Massage gum but it is quite large and has its own plug , so I was very happy to be able to try a smaller version and this massager works the same in performance and is so convenient to carry and use away from home.

Dr Stephen J Wooding
Very portable and useful aid for muscle soreness and recovery!

I'd been looking at this type of massage gun for a while, but many were extremely pricey or very large (or both!) This is a good size for carrying around in a gym bag or to sports events, measuring less than 6" x 5" with a massage head attached and the handle is around 1 3/4" in diameter.

There are 4 settings that adjust on the the head vibration speed - they don't adjust the depth of massage in any way that I can see, which stays at around 6-7mm. This is deep enough for decent relief, but is a lot less than the larger (and more expensive) therapy guns, some of which have a depth of around 10-12mm.

Importantly, the vibrations aren't passed to the handle much - you can feel them, but even after 10-15 mins use there's no numbness on my hands. One slight (and only slight) negative is that because it's small, it can be a bit of a stretch to reach around to massage parts of your back.

Personally I've found the round and 'finger' heads most useful in general (though the pointed head is quite good at getting deeper into large muscles if you use a bit of pressure), with the speed set at 2 or 3, for post run massage of thighs and calves.

All in all a great little gadget to have!