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Kurble wide

Excellent simple kit…. Have recommended to many friends

Impressed with this posture support

My husband is pleased with our purchase. It is too soon to tell how well it works. He wears it over a T shirt and can wear it for a few hours at a time.
He realises he needs to do regular corrective excercises and stretches as well.

Sports Posture Hero

I have been wearing the sports posture hero daily for the past 6 weeks. My posture has definitely improved (at the ripe old age of 57!). It is comfortable as long as your wear a t.shirt underneath the brace. I have started working out at the gym recently and it gives good support whilst still being flexible. Highly recommended. I do not regret investing in improving my posture.
I would say if in doubt, go for it 🙂

My first purchase

Very speedy delivery and am very impressed with the item. I'm not a lover of velcro as I had a previous back corrector that had the straps on the shoulders which was really awkward and they slipped regularly. But this has the velcro strap at the front so easier to put on and it is a much more substantial belt. Ver pleased so far.

Very good

I’m using this belt for work and I found very good it helps with my posture I don’t feel any difference with my back pain yet maybe because I’ve just started using it hopefully I will see the defence soon.

Small pad great relief

I already have one of theses pads bought from QVC It works so brilliantly that this purchase is my back up just in case it breaks

Getting used to them

Yes getting used to them takes time as I suffer from Oedema swelling in the feet so will need extra time.

Spine stretcher

Brilliant even after ten minutes I could feel a big difference. The pain had dramatically subsidised, I could bend a lot easier in fact mobility improved a lot. I also had the best nights sleep in months.

Anti inflammatory tablets

Ive tried so many things in the past without success, so i was skeptical about these tablets, but i’m pleased to report that although im still in pain, they have definitely taken the intensity of the pain away. Will continue with them!

Excellent Service

The shoulder support was not right for me . Customer service were excellent absolutely no problem getting a refund


This a great product.
Took me a wile to build up time on it and get to level .
It's good at relieving back pain and it opens chest cavity when arms are raised above head.
Which reduces the pressure I have with hiatus hernia which is game changer for me

Posture correction is a good aid and worked for me.
Wearing the unit for 8 hours cause some areas ( front armpit) to become sore and uncomfortable

Hi Paul, we do recommend to only wear the Posture Hero for 1-2 hours per day for best results. Wearing the posture corrector for this amount of time is not ideal and does not promote a good way of correcting the posture as the body depends on the brace. As you have mentioned, the straps can become uncomfortable in this area as a result of this prolonged amount of daily usage.

It's looks the busy, but the reason I couldn't give you 5 stars is it's not the most comfy brace I've worn.
Never the less it Seams to do the job intended


Been wearing this for the last two weeks and it already seems to be improving my stooping shoulders. Will continue. It is fairly comfortable to wear though after 9 hours it does pull your shoulders. Thank you so much

Excellent product

Really comfortable and it works

Outstanding product and service

Product is well designed and robust. Bought in June 2016, I've been using it every day for a standing position: alternating 2-3hrs standing; and 1hr sitting at a normal desk. The newer design of mouse stand is much more stable and locks its position firmly; the sales team upgraded my mouse stand FOC. Well done to both the sales team and the design team !

Would recommend - fantastic product!

I received my SpineGym a few days ago, it was well packaged and isn’t too big, so it’s easy to store it. I bought it as I'm hoping to improve my core strength and balance and needed something to help exercise at home. The exercises are easy to follow and I’ve started to feel a difference. So far so good!

Lower Back Support

I’ve worn this for the last couple of weeks and it’s been great at supporting my lower back whilst at the same time allowing me to still move about (I’ve worn it for sports and it’s not hindered me at all). Comfortable design and easy to adjust to fit securely. Would recommend.

After discussing this with an advisor, I bought a posture support and it is comfortable, fits really well and helps - unlike others I have tried. I would really recommend it.

Good back support

Delivered in its own branded box

Inside you get the polyester blend back brace . It has a sturdy ribbed back which provides the support when it's worn . It closes like a belt with velcro , and there's a further elasticated belt which adds extra comfort . This is larger than anticipated I thought the XL would be too small for my hubby but thanks to the velcro it fits perfectly

S-m fits husband but not too much to spare

This support belt is a small -medium in size. It fits my husband who is a 32-34 inch waist. But there isn't too much to spare.
He tells me that the support is good and tightening it is easy. He thought it was comfortable to wear and is happy to wear it for longer periods.
Highly recommended

Good support

This has given me relief from back pain since I put it on, it supports well and heat is retained all the way round the spine area it’s easy to fit and doesn’t restrict movement too much, I think this is a winner for me

Great product…..Works brilliantly!

I chose this product against others because it looks different to many on the market and more importanlty is a medical grade device which is used and recommended by the spine clinic, its an ideal size to be able to wear and be comfortable but at the same time know your back is being supported and inturn helping relieve back pain. It works helping reduce pain from nerves,muscles,disc issues even hip pain. Its been designed to take the pressure off the back and instead support it stabalising it which is going to help me so much as ive lived with back issues most if my life. I love the size of this as its not as bulky and large as others i have its smaller so i can wear it under clothes and not look like i have it on when others see me. With the fact its a medically graded item and approved by the spine clinic it is worth the price. I was so thankful i ordered this as yesterday i had a really bad back and could hardly move one foot in front of the other so putting it on it gave me so much relief and had me fully mobile within a hour which for me personally is brilliant normally it would take me hours and hours to get around without wanting to cry in pain. Great product!


Immediately I tried this, I felt supported. Great for lower back support. Wore for a few hours with no issues, except if worn too tight, you might feel some discomfort over a long period so please adjust to your comfort. Good purchase and I’m happy with it.

Makes my core stronger!

Having long term back aches and stiffness, I am always looking for ways to either manage or eliminate these symptoms. Once I saw the SpineGym advert, I right away recognised the benefits this would supply to accomplish my goal - a strong core. Now that I have been using SpineGym once a day (Just 20reps/day) for two weeks, my back aches are diminished. Since the method of using it also engages the upper chest and shoulders, it helps to correct the natural tendency we all have to slouch forward, and I can feel I walk more upright now with my neck, head & shoulders pulled back.