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Improve Your Running Posture With The Help Of Posture Hero™ Sports!

Improve Your Running Posture With The Help Of Posture Hero™ Sports!

What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think about correct posture? Yogis performing meditation, ballet dancers posing an intricate stance, or supermodels walking down the red carpet? Perhaps, a scene from a movie or someone you know sitting and working on a desk? Runners or athletic sprinters don’t generally come to your mind while thinking of the perfect posture. However, maintaining a correct posture while running can significantly improve your running game! Posture Hero™ Sports is specifically designed to improve and maintain your stance while running or performing any other athletic activities.  

Why Is Correct Posture Important While Running?

Improves Lung Volumes, Stamina And Performance

Running with the correct alignment of your spine allows proper chest expansion, opens up your alveoli, and ultimately improves your lung capacity. Let’s go through some scientific terms to understand the relationship between posture and running. Don’t worry, we won’t make this complicated!
  • Tidal Volume- Signifies volume of air inhaled or exhaled during one respiratory cycle. This is a direct indicator of the functionality of your respiratory muscles and chest wall mechanics.
  • Total Lung Capacity- It is the total volume of air your lungs can accommodate after maximum inspiration.
Improvement in both these volumes makes it easier for you to breathe. And this can only happen when your spinal alignment is correct. Your lungs are getting enough space to expand. Your muscles, ligaments, and other supportive structures are strong enough to support the lung movements. Improved lung capacities enhance oxygen uptakes that directly affect your endurance and stamina. A back posture support brace enhances your performance by pulling the shoulders back and supporting the natural spine curvature.  

Improves Mobility And Reduce The Chances of Injuries

Correct posture also reduces the chance of getting injured while performing any activities. When your spine isn’t aligned correctly, the pressure distribution in your lower body gets adversely affected. Your lumbar spine experiences increased pressure leading to stress on your knees, back, and hips. Strained hips and knees are more prone to getting injured during impactful activities such as running, hiking, jogging, weight lifting, etc. A stable torso and good knee lift are essential for developing a truly efficient running style. A proper range of motion with adequate arm swing and rotation ensures there’s no inefficiency in your performance and unnecessary energy expenditure. This stability and subsequent efficiency aren’t possible if you practice an incorrect posture with a hunching back or rounded shoulder. Buy posture corrector that not just corrects your spine alignment but also activates your core muscles while running.  

What Is The Correct Posture While Running?

  • Head: Head straight ahead with chin up. When your head tilts forward, you’re more prone to slouching.
  • Shoulders: Low and relaxed to get rid of the tension. When your muscles start getting fatigued, your shoulders might start rolling inwards. Posture Hero™ Sports prevents this from happening.
  • Arms: The swinging motion of your arms should be forward and backward rather than across your body. Ensure your elbows are bent at a perpendicular angle for maximum efficiency. Hands should be relaxed, not clenched.
  • Torso: Maintain a straight and upright torso.

How To Access Your Running Posture?

Running On A Treadmill

When you run on a treadmill and have access to a mirror, take advantage. Take a visual note of your posture when you start running (when you feel fresh and full of energy) and toward the end of your running session (when you’re exhausted or worked up).

Outdoor Running

When you go running outdoors, you don’t get the advantage of using a mirror and gauging your stance. Instead, you can get help from a trusted friend or family member while running. Request them to watch your style, cadence, and posture and provide feedback. Quality posture brace online can help improve your posture and style while running. How? Let’s find out!  

How Posture Hero™ Sports Helps You Maintain The Correct Running Posture?

Lightweight, discreet design and exceptionally comfortable sports posture brace instantly improve your shoulder structure and spinal posture.
  • The padded spinal structure provides adequate support to your own spine, helping to draw your shoulders blades back and breathe more comfortably.
  • The easily adjustable strap, hypoallergenic fabric helps strengthen your muscles and maintain a secured posture - making the posture support brace a useful tool for sporting and athletic activities.

How Posture Hero™ Sports Is Different Than Any Regular Posture Brace?

  • Features wider integrated Flexi-spine support for enhanced support and stability
  • Durable construction is suitable for high-impact sports activities such as running, heavy weight-lifting, etc.
  • The sports braces come with a color-coded sports bag
  • 3 color options are available for enhanced visibility/safety while performing outdoor activities
Take your performance a notch higher with a sports posture brace.