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Features and Benefits of the Curble Posture Chair

Features and Benefits of the Curble Posture Chair

Do long hours of sitting on your chair and working make your back strain at the end of the day? Does your neck stiffen up after focusing on a digital screen for prolonged periods? You might not be following the correct posture. Rounded shoulders, slouched posture, humped back, tech neck are the primary examples of back posture practices that you can develop while sitting on a chair and working on a digital screen for extensive periods. Thankfully, with the BACK SUPPORT CHAIR, now it is possible to treat bad posture and develop good posture practices. 

A posture chair can be the answer to your back pain and can help you get rid of it in just no time. 

Now, you must be wondering what precisely a back support or posture chair is? Let’s start our discussion with that!

What Is A Posture Support Chair?

Posture support or posture corrector chair is an ergonomic, portable spine lifting system that can be placed under your chair for optimum support to your core muscles and spine. The ergonomic design promotes a natural spine alignment, supports and strengthens your core muscles to improve the posture. With better posture, no back pains, you can perform better, and your productivity increases. Isn’t it a win-win situation for you? But why is it so vital to maintaining a good posture? Many people consider developing back pain after prolonged hours of working a normal thing! Well, we hate to break to you, it’s not!

What Is Good Posture, And Why Is It Important?

  • A good posture or correct posture is defined as the appropriate alignment of your body while standing or sitting.
  • The correct posture of your body enables an even distribution of pressures and body weight, thus preventing any back pain even after long hours of working.
  • Appropriate positioning involves training yourself to maintain a proper stance with your body against gravity with the minimum strain and tension on supportive muscular structures, ligaments, and joints. And that’s exactly where the application of a back support chair comes in.
  • Proper posture keeps your bones and joints in optimal alignment, and decreases wear and tear on supportive structures.

Correct Sitting Posture

The correct sitting posture involves sitting with your feet completely touching the floor, or a footrest and not hanging halfway in mid-air, or just your toes touching the ground. Your knees should be maintained at or below your hip level. Your shoulder must be relaxed without bending the shoulder blades. Your forearms need to be at a parallel position to the ground. The posture corrector chair can support the back.

Benefits Of Using A Posture Chair

Not sure if you should introduce a posture support chair into your daily lifestyle? Here are 8 reasons that you should. Back supporting, ergonomically designed posture correction chair isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

Supports Correct Posture

This benefit goes without saying. As the name suggests, a posture chair supports good posture practices while sitting.
  • Typical chairs, couches, back supporting bedrest structures, etc., lack the basic features of an ergonomic design.
  • While supporting your back on these surfaces, you either tend to lean forward or curdle up into a half-sitting, half-lying position because these back supports do not have the correct back height or design to support your spine.
  • With a back support chair, you can get adequate support to maintain natural posture through the scientifically designed spine-lifting system.

Enhanced Productivity

Various studies demonstrated that using a back support chair that is ergonomically designed and comfortable can significantly impact your satisfaction and happiness and your work productivity.

Reduces And Prevents Back And Neck Pain

If your job involves sitting on a typical chair and working on a digital screen, battling with neck stiffness and back pain has become a part of your daily lifestyle. The reason? Conventional backrests don’t support the correct posture. However, using the ergonomically posture support chair improves relaxation. The curble chair minimizes body pains since those crucial pain points are appropriately supported.

Minimizes Hip Pressure

Your hips form the pivotal point to bear the weight in your body. With the support of a posture chair, you prevent that immense pressure inflicted on your hips. The cushioned seat support, correct angle, adequate seat depth, and scientifically designed spine lifting system support your hips.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Do you feel a tingling, numbing sensation on your feet after sitting in the same position for a long time? That’s because your left isn't receiving adequate blood circulation. Positioning your back at the correct angle allows adequate blood circulation from the upper body to your leg. No more getting numb feet! Here, you can use a posture supporter chair in this case to get relief. 

Features Of Back Support Chair

  • Portable- The best feature of a posture chair is that it’s portable. You can place it anywhere for a comfortable sitting- at your office, while camping, in your car, at your home workstation, on your bed, on living room couches, etc. You can carry the posture supporter chair with you anywhere you go. 
  • Comfortable sitting- Designed with dual structure cushion & fabric for providing extra comfort.
  • Secure positioning- The ergonomic design with a 35-degree optimum angle and load-bearing capacity of 140kg encourage appropriate spinal posture, thus minimizing pressure on the back by 30% and providing a secured positioning.
  • Raised Coccyx Design – Your coccyx (the end part of your spine near your hips) is lifted naturally to uniformly distribute the pressure on the spine and correct the core supportive muscles.
  • Air Circulation – The explicitly designed air ventilation system and fabric pattern enables smooth body heat and sweat circulation, allowing you to stay cool for prolonged periods. That is what makes this posture chair a preferred choice for people with back pain. 
The back support curble chair has been a breakthrough in supporting good posture and reducing back pain. Gift your back ergonomic support and say “yes” to a healthy and comfortable sitting posture.