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Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Did you know that on average the human head weighs 11 pounds (lbs)?

Holding the full weight of your head is your neck, which not only supports your head, but also allows it to move. It is a combination of small bones (vertebrae), joints and muscles which help to form your neck, allowing it to function as it does, and giving it the strength to support the weight of your head.

In your neck, the bones are connected by joints, and between each of the bones there are discs which are connected to nerves from your spinal cord. When any of these components of your neck are injured, nerve impulses are sent to your brain, which then sends messages to your muscles causing you to feel pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a common problem, and often nothing to worry about. In general, neck pain and stiffness usually doesn’t last for long. Some of the most common causes for neck pain are:

1. Sitting in an awkward, bad posture position for too long, perhaps at a computer or laptop

2. Sleeping in an awkward position

3. Anxiety and stress

4. Cervical Spondylosis (everyday wear and tear as you get older)

5. Whiplash

6. Slipped Discs

7. The above are usually caused by either squashed nerves, overstretching the ligaments or tendons, or bone changes.

Neck Pain Symptoms

Whether it is due to injury, posture or a medical condition, the symptoms and severity of them can differ from one individual to another, however some of the most common symptoms are below:

1. Pain

2. Stiffness

3. Clicking noises

4. Dizziness

5. Muscle Spasms

6. Disturbed sleep and low mood (ongoing neck pain)

How To Treat Neck Pain

For general neck pain, stiffness and spasms, there are many simple treatments that can be done at home. These include; paracetamol, hot and cold therapy, maintaining good posture, exercises, and using a support or collar.

Hot And Cold Therapy

Hot and cold packs can help to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasm, improve circulation, and reduce stress:

Hot: Relieve pain, increase circulation, and reduce stress Cold: Relieve pain and reduce swelling


Good Posture

Maintaining a good posture can not only help relieve pain, but also prevent it. When sitting, standing, lifting or bending, it is important that we try to maintain a good posture. By doing so, less stress and pressure is put on your muscles, preventing tightness and pain. Additionally, wear on the joints is lessened, it prevents fatigue, and contributes to a more positive appearance.


Gentle neck exercises are a good way to help get your neck back to normal, help prevent pain returning, and keep the muscles strong. Depending on the reason for your neck pain, especially from injury or after surgery it is careful that you don’t overdo it. If you’re unsure about doing neck exercises, we recommend that you speak to a professional first.

Neck Brace

Neck supports can help to relieve your neck of the pressure put on it by the weight of your head. While wearing a support, you are allowing your neck the time to recover, providing your muscles some time to relax. During this time, pain will be also be reduced.

How Can We Help

Here at Back Pain Help we have developed a range of products designed specifically for particular areas of the back:

Neck Brace

Our Neck Brace has been designed specially to help support your neck in the correct posture position. The Neck Brace holds the full weight of your head, allowing your neck the chance to recover and relax, whilst relieving pain. In addition to its support, the Neck Brace also comes with an includes Cool Pad, ideal for extra pain relief. Unlike most other Neck Braces, our innovative brace has been designed to provide all the support of a regular neck brace, with additional comfort to wear and discreet appearance.

Dual Action Massager

Designed predominantly for the shoulder area, out Dual Action Roller Massager is suitable for use for many areas of the body; back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. Its rollerball design prevents dragging of the skin, while its manual functioning allows you to use as little or as much pressure as your require. Additionally, its easy to hold curved handle allows you to reach even the most awkward places without stretching.

Relief Gel

For use alone or with our Dual Action Roller Massager, our Relief Gel provides relieving care from muscle stiffness. Including a combination of 10 essential oils and botanical extracts, the gel provides a cooling sensation to area of application.

Hot And Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is a great way to help treat aches, pains and injuries at home. Our Heat Pads and Cool Pads have been designed specifically to be used with our BACK products, including our Neck Brace, however they can also be used alone. Providing targeted relief, they can also reduce swelling, improve circulation and help you relax.

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